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How To Find The Advertised Deal
How To Find The Advertised Deal

Not seeing the cheap prices? Check out these tips.

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Are you having trouble finding the price that we advertise? All prices are accurate when sent, but there may be a few reasons why you can't find them. We want to help!

Pro Tip 1: Check the deal ASAP. Flight prices can fluctuate at any time, without warning. The deals that we send are legitimate flight deals, but those deals can change after sending.

How to view the deal:

  • Click the Skyscanner button to take you to example deal dates in Skyscanner.

  • Click the Google Flights button to open the examples dates in Google Flights.

  • Click the "view flight details online" link to view more deal details in your account dashboard.

Our links to Skyscanner and Google Flights show one specific set of example dates. Sometimes those specific dates change, but other deal dates are available.

Where to find deal dates:

  • General dates are the months that cheap prices are available. For example, a deal could be available from October 2021 to February 2022. In the deal email you can find the general dates in deal details section under travel dates.

  • By clicking the Google Flights and Skyscanner buttons you will be taken to specific example dates.

  • Other example dates can be found by clicking the "view flight details online" link, which will take you to a list of example dates in your account dashboard.

Pro Tip 2: If the advertised price is no longer available for the specific example dates then use the Google Flights calendar tool to explore the general dates we provide.

โ€‹Pro Tip 3: Google Flights and Skyscanner are some of our favorite places for finding cheap prices. We recommend plugging the dates into both, as prices may differ on each site.

If the advertised price is no longer available:

Sometimes prices simply change. This can happen unexpectedly and without notice.

Pro Tip 4: Find other great deals by comparing the available prices with the standard fare that we provide.

  • In the deal details we also list the standard fare for each specific route. The standard fare is the typical price for that route.

  • Head to Google Flights and Skyscanner to explore deals below the standard fare.

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