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How do I use DFC Premium/Premium Plus+?
How do I use DFC Premium/Premium Plus+?
The ultimate guide to your Premium or Premium Plus+ Membership.
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Not sure how to use your Premium or Premium Plus+ membership? We are here to help!

First, here are a few important things to know:

  1. Know what to expect by viewing your account settings. It is important to be aware of your renewal date and price. All of our memberships do automatically renew.

  2. You can cancel within you account at at any time. If you cancel, you will receive your member benefits for the duration of your subscription, but it will not automatically renew in the future.

  3. The deal price that we list is the average price of the deals that we find. When viewing the deal using the Google Flights or Skyscanner links we provide you may see some flights that are cheaper and some that are more expensive.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use your Premium or Premium Plus+ membership. 

So, you are all signed up. Now what?

1. Log in to your DFC account and set your departure airports. This is the most important step. We need to know your departure airports so that we can send you relevant deals. If you do not set your departure airports you will not receive any flight deals.

2. Explore your DFC account. Go to the "Settings" drop down and select "Flight Alerts" to edit your departure airports and email notifications; or select "Account" to view your account details, and edit your profile information.

3. Once your account is set up you will begin receiving your Premium or Premium Plus+ deals.

4. You can find all of your deals under "Flights," located on the menu bar on the left.

How do I view and book my DFC deals

  1. When a deal is available from one of your departure airports you will receive a deal notification email. Here is an example of a deal that you will receive:

For more information, check out our Deal Email Breakdown video here.

2. To view & book the deal follow the "Book on Google Flights" and "Book on Skyscanner" (for economy deals) or "Book on Kiwi" (for premium economy or business class) buttons to view the deal, explore other travel dates, and and book the deal.

3. If you click the "View more deal details online" link you will be taken to your DFC account dashboard (you may be prompted to sign in). In your dashboard you can find information on the deal and other example dates for the deal.

4. Don't like the example dates? Make sure to pay attention to the deal's description to find the general travel dates, as there are always more dates available. Check out this helpful article:

Any other questions? Think we should add anything to this article? Email us at 

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