Not sure how to use your premium membership? We are here to help!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use your premium membership. 

So, you are all signed up for premium. Now what?

1. Log in to your DFC account and set your departure airports. This is the most important step. We need to know your departure airports so that we can send you relevant deals. 

2. Explore your DFC account. Go to your "Settings" where you can edit your departure airports, view your account details, edit your profile information, and edit your notifications. 

3. Once your account is all set up you will begin to receive your premium member deals.

How do I view and book my DFC deals?

  1. When a deal is available from one of your departure airports you will receive a deal notification, either by email, text, or both. Here is an example of a deal that you will receive: 

2. If you are interested in getting more information or in booking the deal select the orange "Show Me The Deal" button. 

3. After you click the "Show Me The Deal" button you will be taken to your DFC account (you may be prompted to sign in). 

4. Click the orange "View Flights" button to view the deal. Click the "View Flights" button once to open Google Flights, and double-click to open Momondo. 

5. Don't like the example dates? Use the Google Flights calendar view to check out other available dates. 

  • Make sure to pay attention to the description to find the general deal dates, and other important information. 

6. After finding the best price on Google Flights or Momondo proceed to book the deal with the appropriate booking site. 

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