How to view and book your domestic deals from Dollar Flight Club.

  1. When a domestic deal is available from one of your departure airports you will receive a deal notification email (make sure your notifications are turned on). Your domestic deal email will look like this:
Domestic Deal Email Example

2. If you are interested in the deal select the "View Deal" button to view the deal in your Dollar Flight Club account (you may be prompted to sign in).

3. Click on "Weekend Getaways" under the "Flights" drop down menu to be taken to your domestic deals.

In Account Menu

4. Find the domestic deal you are interested in and hit the "View Deal" button to view and book the deal.

Weekend Getaways Page in DFC Account

5. Select the "View Flight" button to view and book the deal in Skyscanner.

If you are not interested in the example dates provided then open the deal in Google Flights to check out other available dates for the deal.

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