Here at Dollar Flight Club our goal is to save you money on airfare. We are travelers and we want to help you travel too! ✈️🏝


Free Membership: Free members can choose to receive deals from their departure region, and receive a fraction of the deals that premium members do. The majority of free member deals are international deals.

Premium Membership: Premium members can choose to receive deals pertaining to specific departure airports. When we find a deal for one of your departure airports you will receive a deal email. The flight deals that you receive will be the cheapest that are currently available, therefore, the deal destinations are random. Premium members receive both international and domestic flight deals.

Premium Plus+ Membership: Premium Plus+ members will receive all of the benefits included in the premium membership (including premium deals). Premium Plus+ members will also receive Premium Plus+ business and first class deals, Premium Plus+ Partner Perks, and discounted access to Mobile Passport plus. 

Types of premium memberships:

Premium - 14 day free trial:
▫️ $69/year, billed annually
▫️ Comes with a 14 day free trial. After the trial, the membership will automatically update to the annual plan.
▫️ Charged when the free trial is over
▫️ Automatic renewal

▫️ Non-refundable

Premium (discounted):
▫️ Occasionally, we offer special discounted plans
▫️ Billed annually (price depends on the discounted plan that you sign up for).
▫️ Discount on first year of membership, renews at full price for the annual membership ($69)
▫️ Does not include a free trial
▫️ Automatic renewal

▫️ Non-refundable

Premium Plus+
▫️ $99/year, billed annually
▫️ If signing up during a sale or using a promo code, the discount will apply for the first year of the membership. Will renew at full price for the annual membership ($99).
▫️ Automatic renewal
▫️ If you are already on a premium plan you can upgrade within your account for a prorated price.

▫️ Non-refundable

Quick facts:

▪️ We search for and send international flight deals to members located in North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

▪️ We do send domestic deals to Premium and Premium Plus+ members with departure airports locate in the US.

▪️ We strive to send the best deals that are currently available. For this reason, we do not take flight requests.

▪️ Not all departure airports are created equal. Some airports do receive more deals than others. We send deals when great prices are available. 

▪️ Premium & Premium Plus+ members must set their departure airports to receive deals.

▪️ For your convenience, all of our memberships automatically renew once your subscription expires. This ensures that you will never miss a deal to your dream destination! Please keep in mind that membership renewal payments are non-refundable.

▪️ You can find your renewal information under "Billing & Pricing" within your DFC account.
▪️ At this time, all prices are in USD.

Helpful links:
▫️Help Center
▫️Refund Policy

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