Departure Airport

Receive deals specific to your departure airport(s).

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Members receive deals relevant to their departure airport. 

Q. Why is it so important to set my departure airport?
A. If you do not set a departure airport you will not receive any deals. You will only receive deals relevant to your set departure airports. You can change your departure airport at any time.

Q. What happens if I do not set my departure airport?
A. You will not receive any deals. We need to know your departure airport so that we know what deals to send you.

Q. How many departure airports can I set?

A. Premium and Premium Plus+ Members can set up to 4 departure airports. Free members can set one departure airport.

Please follow these steps to edit your departure airports:

1. Log into your account.

2. Select the “Settings” drop-down, from the menu on the left, the select "Flight Alerts."

3. To add a departure airport, type the city name or airport code into the search bar, select the preferred airport, and select “Add” (the "Add" button will appear after you select the airport from the list).

5. To delete a departure airport, select the blue and white trash can symbol.

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